Ice Dam FAQ’s

ice-dam-removalWhat is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams are thick ridges of solid ice that build up along your gutters. Dams can tear off eaves, gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water to back up and leak into your house. When this happens it can cause peeling paint, warped floors, stained and saggy ceilings. Not to mention wet & moldy insulation in the attic.

What are the warning signs of Ice Dams?

  • Ice is forming on roof edge and/or in gutters
  • Icicles are hanging from your home – even the smallest icicle can mean ice dams are forming!
  • You see water or ice on siding, soffits or near windows
  • Water leaking on interior ceilings or walls.

Can I remove an Ice Dam myself?

Removing ice dams correctly requires the right equipment and expertise to safely fix ice dam issues. See our Ice Dam Do-it-yourself guide for more information.

How can I prevent ice dams in the future?

Properly ventilating and insulating the attic is the best way to prevent ice dams. The typical recommendation for proper ventilation is 1 square foot of vent for every 150 feet of attic floor area but each climate region may have it’s own recommendations so I would suggest contacting a licensed local insulation company near you. If you have small louvered vents at either end of the attic known as gable vents you can either replace them with larger vents, or install an electric vent fan over the inside of them. These special fans usually work on a thermostat and will pull outside air into the attic to keep the temperature inside consistent.

Why should I choose Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal?

  • Receive service within 24 hours
  • Steam is used for ice dam removal
  • Our service techs are hardworking, professional and friendly
  • We’ll fix your ice dam issues, not just remove them!
  • Free on-site estimates

How soon can you fix my ice dams?

Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal provides 7 days a week- 24 hours a day- including holidays ice dam removal services! We are here to serve you.

How long does it take to remove ice dams and stop leaking?

Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal is able to remove your ice dams within 24 hours which should stop leaking within 24-hours!

What is the cost of removing ice dams?

The cost of ice dam removal varies by home and amount of ice dams. However Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal is among the most affordable in Minneapolis! We are proud to be a locally owned, family run business that isn’t out to gouge you in your time of need. Instead we are here to serve you and protect your home and family!

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