Do-it-Yourself Roof Ice Removal

Removing your ice dam can be dangerous if not done properly and with the right tools. Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal suggests not only for your own personal safety but can also be costly if damage is done to the roof.
Warning! Be very cautious of walking on a snow covered, icy roof!


  1. Remove snow and ice dam from the roof to eliminate the formation of another ice dam.
  2. Use a roof rake and push broom to remove snow by carefully pulling it down the slope of the roof line. Never pull snow across the roof or it may break off the shingles and cause additional damage.
  3. Clear downspouts to make it possible for your gutters to drain when snow does melt.
  4. Use steam equipment to melt any ice dams that have already formed.

Warning! Other methods besides steam are not recommended; chopping ice away can easily damage roofing, and chemicals designed to melt ice may impact the integrity of your roof, corrode metal flashing or gutters and harm plants and soils around your home’s foundation.

ice-dam-steamMinneapolis Ice Dam Removal has performed thousands of ice dam removal services and uses only state-of-the-art steam equipment designed specifically for ice dam removal. We specialize in not just removing your ice dams, but fixing them! Contact us for a free price estimate on ice dam removal in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. Experienced Roofing Contractors!

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